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Wiltshire Comedian #3166Wiltshire Comedian #3166 
An Excellent, Smart, Experienced Entertainer giving you a carefully balanced mixture of Top Class STAND UP COMEDY and GREAT LIVE MUSIC - adapted to whatever audience is present....


Wiltshire Comedian #3867Wiltshire Comedian #3867 
Tony is a highly regarded comedy writer and comedian. Described as 'The best joke writer around' by popular magazine, he is a regular contributor to a number of newspapers and publications. The bounty


Biglaugh Reviews:

"Being comedian and MC for an award's audience of African and International Government VIP's or captains of industry has got to be the brief that every funny guy dreads, yet Daliso steered his way through that challenge with grace and ease and in doing so left behind a long lasting laughing legacy. Daliso was the glue that made our good night great." - Greg Sewell - The Power In Africa Awards 2015
""Back to finish the show is Ross Leslie, who proves to be a welcome surprise and feels that bit more polished and professional." ‘Broadway Baby’, 2014 review “Ross totally rocked it big style and boy has he gained experience both in delivery and material. Damn good.” Stu Who, Scottish comedy legend, 2016 “He's been pure braw the last few times I've worked with him! Highly recommended.” Scott Agnew, Scottish comedy veteran, 2016 “Ross was great as an opener at my club.” Paula Gilfillan, ‘Bearded Dug’ comedy promoter, 2016 “Ross was outstanding tonight.” Chrissy Ross, ‘Laldy’ comedy promoter, 2016 "A solidly-constructed well-delivered set from this local lad. Worth looking out for" Fringe Monkey, 2016 review" -
"A wonderful comedian." - Matt Lucas
"'Steffen Peddie was brilliant! The venue is quite small so you are basically stood with your audience, but Steffen carried the evening off without a hitch, combining his jokes with the people who were in the crowd that night, which makes an event a lot better I feel, as you know you're watching a comedian and not just some bloke reading off a load of jokes he has written down. Steffen arrived at the event about an hour before we started, ran through with what we wanted, did his act, then hung around after the gig for about 40mins and went round talking to people, just an all round friendly bloke who I'd highly recommend to anyone looking for a comedian.' " - Lee

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