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Swansea Comedian #3062Swansea Comedian #3062 
A respected stand up who uses all original material, he has a rapid gag rate, many of his jokes are word play, some clever, some silly. In the tradition of Spike Milligan and Woody Allen.


Biglaugh Reviews:

"Kingsley made us roar with his witty routines about life, love and general embarrassment, throwing in a few brilliant metaphors and mixing them through his intelligent comedy" - Tiffany Shepherd
"John Ryan was pitch perfect and went down fantastically well both at our events in the North and South. The effort he put into getting to know the audience prior to the event, he really tapped into what made them tick, another testament to The Comedy Club’s level of service and understanding of the event." " - Shane Walker
"A brilliant young talent with something of the Marty Feldman about him, both in looks and writing talent. His put upon, self-depreciating shtick is honed to perfection, and his jokes are excellent" - Plymouth Herald
"We hold our Annual Awards Ceremony every year in London and have a different personality each time – Laura was by far one of the most engaged, with a room full of business men and a few hecklers her delivery was flawless – it’s no easy task amusing a room full of people but she did with amazing charisma and hilarity. She was by far one of the best comedians we have had over the years and would highly recommend her, even the more stiff upper lipped of the audience were smitten." - Anna Crellin

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