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Swansea Comedian #3062Swansea Comedian #3062 
A respected stand up who uses all original material, he has a rapid gag rate, many of his jokes are word play, some clever, some silly. In the tradition of Spike Milligan and Woody Allen.


Biglaugh Reviews:

"Properly smart comedy for grown-ups. By a properly smart comic." - The Scotsman
"A very solid act with a bucket load of talent. He has the ability to turn even the most difficult room. Great timing, great delivery. Expect big things" - Anna Lyttle
"His unenthusiastic style has a nice unhurried rhythm" - Steve Bennet
 times as an individual, 10 times for Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf, 8 times for The Unbroadcastable Radio Show)" - The Guardian

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