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Northamptonshire Comedian #3358Northamptonshire Comedian #3358 
*Book Early To Avoid Disappointment* A raw, modern & funny stand-up comedian. Hard-hitting, with no holds-barred.. He will have you in fits of laughter as he delves into the subjects you dare only t


Biglaugh Reviews:

"The international audience that the Fringe brings is no mean feat for anyone with a thick accent, never mind a proper Glaswegian. It was quite amusing watching the deep concentration from an Israeli couple as they tried to follow Obie’s Glasgow vernacular. But as the show played out the man in the couple chipped in a good few times so he had managed to follow which was impressive in itself. Within this hour Obie managed to create a great rapport with the crowd, show off his own memory skills which were very impressive, shared how he did this with the audience and allowed them to try out their new skills. None of this dragged at all and it all flowed brilliantly with a neatly tied and timed ending. The audience were delighted with the show and one guy who had been grinning ear to ear the whole way through the performance happily slapped a tenner in the bucket at the end while raving about the hour to his girlfriend. This routine was laugh out loud funny, wonderfully packaged, included much audience interaction and delivered on the claim that the audience would learn something along the way. Check it out if you like Glasgow banter, improv, Derren Brown or just fancy a guaranteed good hour on the Free Fringe." - Kirsten Mc Krossan.
"The circuits leading compere - an expert ringmaster, tackles hecklers with relish and zeal. A comedy genius" - The Metro
"a superb compilation of brilliantly crafted stories written by someone who unquestionably has a keen and instinctive eye for comedy. Nightingale’s buoyant energy makes for an entertaining hour of stand up" - Broadway Baby
"Had the crowd laughing from the word go" - Ashley Penny

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