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Merseyside Comedian #3146Merseyside Comedian #3146 
Top class comedian and compere available as a comedian for dinners, sportsmans evenings, luncheons, golf days, corporate functions, cabaret, in fact anything to do with comedy. Without doubt the most


Merseyside Comedian #3554Merseyside Comedian #3554 
Feisty, Funny and Friendly, Liverpool born Katie enjoys a great rapport with the audience. Her cheeky and authentic comedy has the audience believing every word she says.. She knows how to work an aud


Merseyside Comedian #3739Merseyside Comedian #3739 
His natural, laid back persona combined with his brutally honest, opinionated stand-up and his phenomenal ad-libbing ability make each of his performances unique and gloriously unpredictable, but more


Merseyside Comedian #3758Merseyside Comedian #3758 
There's nothing bland or predictable about this stand-up comic. Brendan's Liverpudlian accent and lively blend of anecdotes, gags and inspired improvisation brings a refreshing blast of cheerful North


Merseyside Comedian #3839Merseyside Comedian #3839 
Tony is full of energy and improvisation a strong compere who can interact with any kind of audience.


Merseyside Comedian #3866Merseyside Comedian #3866 
Phil is an exciting stand-up making great strides on UK comedy circuit. He's also a talented MC and presenter, for both live and broadcast work, and a gifted voice over artist.


Merseyside Comedian #3896Merseyside Comedian #3896 
Despite looking like a child Adam is an extremely funny and capable comedian, having spent 7 years on the professional comedy circuit he is booked by the biggest clubs in the country and is a guarante


Merseyside Comedian #3901Merseyside Comedian #3901 
The smiling assassin, Chris is a fearless, rock solid headliner and one of the most admired comperes on the comedy circuit. A friend to audiences but deadly foe to anyone thinking of chipping in wi


Merseyside Comedian #3902Merseyside Comedian #3902 
Daliso began his comedy career in Canada with the acclaimed one man show ‘Feed This Black Man’. Following this, he began honing his craft in comedy clubs across Canada. Highlights included appearing o


Merseyside Comedian #3905Merseyside Comedian #3905 
Nothing less than a phenomenon, he has the industry ignited! Using a multi-track looper and pedals, Vince creates live on-the-spot Hip-Hop/Reggae/Techno/anything, hilariously fusing it with natural s


Merseyside Comedian #3946Merseyside Comedian #3946 
A naturally funny man who's relaxed warm, friendly style is complimented by excellent fresh and highly original material making his comedy accessible to all audiences.


Merseyside Comedian #3955Merseyside Comedian #3955 


Merseyside Comedian #4006Merseyside Comedian #4006 
Probably one of the best Comperes on the circuit as well as a solid act. A master of the art of controlling a room and an affable nature which engratiates her to the most awkward of Audiences. She's q


Biglaugh Reviews:

"One of the best acts I've seen. He has a knack of instantly grabbing an audience and taking them on a rollercoaster ride. His physical antics and superbly-written material had the audience in stitches for his entire set. I cannot recommend him enough. " - Guy Thomas
"A young comic with incredible talent - The Guardian" - The Guardian
"Firstly, he goes about his comedy in a very professional manner and was very easy to work with - an all round lovely gent. Secondly, he had a brilliant gig and went down very well with a young crowd. A warm stage persona is matched up nicely with some lovely, well delivered, well written anecdotes, and Phillip seems more than capable of matching himself up to an audience. He played students on this occasion, but I imagine he'd be popular at a family gig given his style, but would do well in a weekend club." - Alex Hylton
"★★★★ "The MC was Rich Wilson who took particular advantage of the audience members right in front of him, including two couples in the front row- all of whom willingly joined in with the banter. He told us stories of divorce, renting a room from his son and the trials and tribulations of middle age. He even manged to make several jokes out of the tea he spilled while watching on of the acts backstage. Wilson was confident and quick off the mark when the audience revealed things about themselves- a true natural."" -

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