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Essex Comedian #3904Essex Comedian #3904 
Scotlandís comedy dynamo rips through the trials of modern existence like Wile E Coyote on the scent of Roadrunner. His totally unique gattling gun-style delivery and surreal take on the world around


Essex Comedian #3912Essex Comedian #3912 
There is never a dull moment when John Ryan is on stage. Always thinking on his feat, John will confidently and cleverly change his act to suit any audience.


Essex Comedian #3945Essex Comedian #3945 
A professional stand up comic who tells personal stories and anecdotes packed with jokes. The jokes have a cynical perspective and my persona is irritable on the surface but counterbalanced by my amia


Essex Comedian #4033Essex Comedian #4033 
There's more to DUNCAN NORVELLE than just his unforgettable catch phrase CHASE ME Duncan Norvelle became a household name after appearing on SATURDAY ROYAL for Lionel Blair he became an instant hi


Biglaugh Reviews:

"I laughed the whole way through. She had me in tears." - Will Jefford
"James Alderson is one of those rarities in the comedy world. A naturally funny man! He has the ability to magic hilarity with a variety of wonderful jokes.." - John Marshall
""A fantastic addition to any comedy bill"" - John Marshall
"Looks at home, microphone in hand, in front of a crowd" - Notts Comedy Review

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