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Edinburgh Comedian #3050Edinburgh Comedian #3050 
One of the most popular and certainly most successful of modern day Scottish comedians


Edinburgh Comedian #3922Edinburgh Comedian #3922 
This Comedian is a stand-up comedian from the North East who regularly plays all of the major clubs in the UK. He has had great success in Australia, recently performing in The Best of The Edinburgh F


Edinburgh Comedian #3941Edinburgh Comedian #3941 
'One of the funniest blokes I know' - Kevin Bridges 'His laugh-per-minute ratio is one of the highest I have seen...and he makes it look effortless! Because Ro is really bloody funny' - NZ Theatre


Edinburgh Comedian #3995Edinburgh Comedian #3995 
Martin is one of the world’s most experienced, and well travelled comedians. He performs all over the world. In 2016 Martin performed a comedy show at Everest Basecamp,setting the world record for t


Biglaugh Reviews:

"John Ryan was pitch perfect and went down fantastically well both at our events in the North and South. The effort he put into getting to know the audience prior to the event, he really tapped into what made them tick, another testament to The Comedy Club’s level of service and understanding of the event." " - Shane Walker
"James is one of the most fun and original MCs I've ever worked with!" - Dane Baptiste
"Ian’s material was very well received by the audience. I’m sure he gained some new fans and advocates. He hit the tone required perfectly. Pound for pound the best available. -The Garden Centre Association" - MD
"An hour of charming Glaswegian banter, mostly about Glaswegians. Sound clichéd? Well, yes it was a bit but it was also hilariously funny. Stand-up of ten years Obie (who’s real name is John), took us through the ways he proposed to better his life – get a girlfriend, a better job, get more fit and be happier – in this side-splitting, feel good comedy show. As well as the predictable sex jokes, this likeable comedian entertained the audience with a dark yet comic take on children’s’ nursery rhymes. Animated and full of expression, his witty impersonations (including one of a cross-eyed policeman with a lisp) had me in stitches. This is laugh-out-loud comedy, with a strong theme that is carried through to the end." -

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