About BIGLAUGH - UK Comedian Booking Agent

At BIGLAUGH we endeavor to provide the very best entertainer for your event.

The popularity of Comedians since the rise of stars like Peter Kay, Lee Evans, Michael Macintyre and of course classic trend setting entertainers like Billy Connolly, the demand for Comedians is at an all time high.

Here at BIGLAUGH we have scoured the UK and British Isles for only the very best type of performer with years of experience and quality material.

Most of or Comedians have select TV and Radio credits, Blogs and heavy Online presence meaning that they are easily marketed and vetted so only the the very best are allowed onto our site.

You can rest-assured that your event will be professionally catered for as with over 25 years of experience and a database of literally hundreds of Comedians we can and will provide an entertainer for a future event or on the actual day.

Most of our entertainers perform at all the major Comedy Clubs in the UK and most of the world with shows reaching as far out as South-east Asia and the middle East with some Comedians playing in front of weary Soldiers in active war zones as a well needed morale boost.

Once you have chosen your performer you pay a booking fee to secure them. Once this has been done you will receive, via email, all the information required to complete the transaction. There will be a password to the acts details and a printable contract which you and the artist are required to sign. Please print this off, sign it and send it to the address of the performer which they will sign and send back. This makes sure that if there are any cancellations both the artist and the client are covered. Please note, once this has been signed you are bound by out terms and conditions

Of course, on occasion accidents can happen and traffic is a major contributing factor to lateness, no shows etc, no to worry! As we have such a vast database of Comedians we can and will provide you with a performer, this is why we are here. We would advise, however, that if you have advertised your Comedian/Comedy Night on posters or your website, you do include "Line-up subject to change" as this will cover yourself if anyone makes a complaint that the original artist didn't perform. Here at biglaugh.co.uk in all the years we have been running, we are proud to say we have yet to fail to provide an act under any circumstance.

Most of our acts have been on TV at some point or other. We do have access to more prominent acts that you see on daily TV for corporate events. This, of course, is expensive but most corporate events will usually cover this.